5.17 I Want to Eat day!

Date:2017/5/17 16:43:49

Did you know that today May 17 (5.17) in Chinese chat code is said Wu(o)YaoChi which translates as “I want to eat”??

The Chinese language, not being alphabetic, does not lend itself to the use of acronyms. However, a few acronyms based on pinyin spellings do exist.

Chinese have a tradition of associating certain words with numbers or things based on the similarities of sound. For example, the number eight () is considered a lucky number because it is pronounced "ba", which sounds like the Chinese word for prosperity (, fa). Similarly, the number four () is associated with bad luck because it is pronounced "si", which sounds like the Chinese word for death (,si). *

Food has taste, a shape, a scent, a memory and a soul

Food, in a society, has not only the practical function of being the source for human nutrition but it also conveys many symbolic elements that define the relationships between people. Food changes with season, by country, by region and by city. Food takes our memory back to the dearest days and the dearest people. 

Food is a common subject in art  due to its meaningful nature as an important component of society; it expresses defining characteristic elements like economical status, social status and geographical status.

So to celebrate the  “Wuyaochi day” let's take a look at the recipe of this Shanghainese dish and get ready for dinner (you can find the full version following this link)

Want to learn more about Shanghainese cuisine and its history?? 

Stop by and join our exhibition tour "A Glance on Haipai Flavours" where artist Li Shoubai portrays the interiors and exteriors of the Shikumen neighborhoods, the relation of people with food and beverages, daily habits, families celebrating traditional festivities, and the arriving of Western food to Shanghai.

Daily tours are run from Mon-Sun at 11:40 am and 3:00pm


*Font: Yellow Bridge  http://www.yellowbridge.com/chinese/pagercodes.php